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Drama Education Forum of Tianfu No.7 High School from 25th to 27th November 2023

In 2022, the Ministry of Education, China issued a new version of the art curriculum standard for compulsory education, and for the first time, drama was listed as an independent subject. Against the background of the times when drama education is highly valued and widely concerned, Tianfu No. 7…


My Past Three Years with Drama Education

Recently, I have received more and more discussions about drama education from many people. In these discussions, I have found that I have gradually come out of my own path of drama education over the years. My drama education started in Greece, the place where theatre originated, and after I re…


The Children's Theatre from Chinese Mythology: "Jingwei Filling Up the Sea" and "Nine-colored Deer"

Based on the two stories in Chinese Mythology, the students of Zhiren Theatre Group in Tianfu No.7 High School created two theatrical performances "Jingwei Filling Up the Sea" and "The Nine-colored Deer" with their drama teachers Miao Bin and Eley Yuan who are members of IDEA(International Drama…






Greek Chinese Theatre Performance "Farewell My Concubine" Successfully Premiered in Athens

The second Greek and Chinese theatre co-production based on Chinese theatre play titled "Farewell My Concubine" had its premiere in Olympia Municipal Music Theatre Maria Callas in Athens on 7th February. The theatre received a full house with around 600 audiences who were expecting to see the fu…


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