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Miao Bin

The Director of Drama Education Research Centre of Tianfu No.7 High School

The head of the Arts Education team and drama teacher of Tianfu No.7 High School Primary Section

Member of the International Drama/Theatre and Education Association

Member of Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network

Member of the Orff Professional Committee of the Chinese Musicians Association

Director of the Chengdu Overseas Friendship Association

Member of Sichuan Dramatists Association

Artist-in-Residence of the Guanghui Arts Museum

Director-in-Residence of Starlight Theatres

The pro bono mentor of drama education of Zhejiang Zhipu Public Welfare Foundation

Drama teacher on Drama in Education in Chengdu College of Arts and Sciences,

Drama teacher on intercultural theatre of College of China-ASEAN Arts of Chengdu University

He graduated from the University of Peloponnese, Greece with a Master's degree in Drama in Education, and was awarded the honorary title of Chinese Ambassador of Drama in Education by the Rector. He is now a PhD student of Department of Theatre Studies, University of Peloponnese. He received his B.A. in Economics from Renmin University of China. 

He was the first to make drama as a compulsory curriculum in primary schools in Chengdu. He designed three levels of drama curriculum, including compulsory, elective and specilized, as well as the annual Zhiren Theatre Festival. The drama course "Myrtis" was reported by the Greek media "Kathimerini", officially supported by the Chinese Embassy in Greece, the Embassy of Greece in China, the Foreign Affairs Office of Chengdu, etc., and accepted by the World Alliance of Arts Education. The paper “Practical Research on the Construction of Educational Theatre Curriculum Based on the Archaeological Project Myrtis of Ancient Greece” won the First Prize of the Research Paper Selection of "Chinese and Foreign Humanities Exchange Characteristic Project" for Primary and Secondary Schools in Chengdu in the year of 2022. He has been actively providing guidance and support to other schools in drama education, including lectures, public classes, workshops, etc.

He has been actively popularising drama education. He organized the first Drama Education Forum Tianfu No.7 High School which attracted more than two hundred teachers from all over China. He has undertaken public classes and lectures on drama educaiton for the Future Principals Training Course of the National Training Plan and the Backbone Principals Course of Chongqing Municipality, and presented an English drama lesson "Cinderella" at the IDEAC Conference on Application and Practice of Drama Education and offered drama education workshops for teachers from all over the country. He delivered a keynote speech on "Primary and Secondary School Drama Curriculum Based on Educational Drama" at Nanjing Drama and Education Cooperation Conference. He has been supporting rural teachers to improve their drama education capacity by providing drama education workshops for the "T+ Rural Teachers' Aesthetic Education Literacy Development Support Programme", and acting as a public service tutor for drama education in the "Zhipu - Aesthetic School Co-creation Project", and providing systematic training on drama education for all the teachers of Tongpu Town Central Primary School. He also provided drama education lectures to schools such as Jianxin School in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province and Jiang'an High School in Yibin, Sichuan Province.

He has collaborating with universities on drama education. He was invited to attend the National Conference on Drama Education for Primary and Secondary Schools held by the Central Academy of Drama in Beijing and exchanged ideas with teachers from all over China, and then facilitated the partnership between Tianfu No. 7 High School and Central Academy of Drama to establish the "Drama Education Internship Base of Central Academy of Drama". He connected a partnership between Tianfu No.7 High School and College of Chinese-ASEAN Arts of Chengdu University, and teaching intercultural theatre to the international students. He has been teaching drama in education to the students of the Department of Primary School Education of Chengdu College of Arts and Sciences.

He has been actively developing museum-school and community-school partnerships. He has been active in community art education, including drama education workshop "Children Chasing the Stars" in Yizhou community, drama education workshop "The Old Man and the Lake" in Luxelake community, co-curating the projects "Playing School""A world of dialogue between the five senses” “Strange me” with A4 Art Museum’s iSTART Children's Art Festival. He organized  drama education workshops for visually impaired children, and established a parents’ drama community. He was invited to be an artist-in-residence at the Guanghui Gallery, curating and organising art exhibitions and performances, and to be an director-in-residence at Startlight Theatres. 

He is experienced in children's theatre. He has directed and created works such as "Jingwei Filling Up the Sea", "The Nine-Coloured Deer", "Myrtis", "Antigone", "The Wheel of the Year", “The Mayfly”, “The Neclace”, “Irarus’ Wings”, etc. The theatrical work "Myrtis" was invited to participate in the 100th Anniversary of Kozani Municipal Library in Greece. "Jingwei Filling Up the Sea" was selected as a finalist for the Third National Exhibition of "Little Messengers of Chinese and Foreign Humanities Exchange" by the Centre for Chinese and Foreign Humanities Exchange of the Ministry of Education and China Children's Theatre Festival, and "Antigone" “The Mayfly” and “Jingwei Filling Up the Sea” were accpeted and performed in Daliangshan International Theatre Festival. He also directed the children’s science fiction play “The Triassic Starlights” in the Starlight Theatres. 

He has been actively promoting international exchanges and academic research on drama education. He delivered the keynote speech "Drama in Education in Primary Schools in China" at the IDEA Together We Go On Festival (29 August 2021) as a guest speaker, and was invited as guest of honour for a talk with Maria van Bakelen, Founding President of IDEA, at the inaugural event of the 30th anniversary of IDEA. He presented "The evolutionary path of the lyre according to the archaeological and literary sources" at the Doctoral and Postdoctoral Colloquium of the University of Peloponnese, Greece, and "Integrated Arts Education in Chinese Schools" at the International Conference on Performing Arts organised by Makerere University, Uganda. He also presented "Building Integrated Arts based on Educational Drama to Promote Quality Development of Primary and Secondary School Arts Education under the New Curriculum" at the Chengdu Education Research Institute, Chengdu.

He has worked on culture exchange between China and Greece for many years. He produced and starred in the Greek version of Farewell My Concubine, which premiered to a full house at the Olympia Theatre in Athens. Participated in the Greek theatre camp Epidaurus Lyceum and performed in the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus in the ancient Greek play "Agamemnon" and "Thesmophoriazusae". He cooperated with Greek musicians and orchestras in many Sino-Greek concerts in Athens, such as "Poetry and Music Spring and Autumn", and participated in the shooting of Greek TV programmes, advertisements and TV dramas. Organised mutual exchanges between Chinese and Greek artists, and published the first collaborative album in the history of China and Greece, "Aegean". He founded the Sino-Greek cultural exchange organisation Meet Culture, which has successfully completed dozens of cultural exchange projects, such as the Greek Music Journey, "Travelling China" Art Festival, the Chinese Animation and Comics Tour to Greece, and the Educational and Drama Summer Camp in Greece, etc. He has also participated in the establishment of the Friendship City relationship between Chengdu, Athens and Patras, and was awarded the title of "Chief Chinese Friend of Athens" by the Municipality of Athens. 

Several papers have been published in academic journals, including "The endeavors of drama in education in the primary school education in China" in the 2022 issue of Education and Theatre, the academic journal of the Hellenic Association for Theatre Education, "Το θεατρικό παιχνίδι στο μάθημα της ιστορίας: Η Μύρτις μάς ταξιδεύει από τον λοιμό των Αθηνών στην πανδημία του σήμερα" was published in the Greek scholarly journal Διάλογοι! Θεωρία και πράξη στις επιστήμες αγωγής και εκπαίδευσης, etc. “Practical Research on the Construction of Drama Education Curriculum based on the Ancient Greek Archaeological Project ‘Myrtis’” won the First Prize of the Research Paper Selection of "Chinese and Foreign Humanities Exchange Characteristic Project" in Primary and Secondary Schools of Chengdu City in the year of 2022.

He has written and published the Greek travel books "Adventures with the Greek Gods" and "The Greek Travel Book". The drama education book "Theory and Practice of Drama Education - Textbook for Students of Primary Education" and "Arts Education Futures: Trends Across the Globe" which he participated in writing will be published soon.


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积极推动国际交流和学术研究。在国际戏剧教育协会(IDEA)Together We Go On Festival作为演讲嘉宾发表主题演讲《Drama in Education in Primary Schools in China》。在国际戏剧教育协会(IDEA)30周年纪念活动THE (HI)STORY OF IDEA首场活动中,受邀与创会主席Maria van Bakelen共同作为嘉宾进行对谈。在希腊伯罗奔尼撒大学博士与博士后学术研讨会发表《The evolutionary path of the lyre according to the archaeological and literary sources》专题演讲。在乌干达Makerere University举办的表演艺术国际会议上发表《Integrated Arts Education in Chinese Schools》专题报告。在成都市教科院成都教育高质量发展博士论道中发表《新课标下以教育戏剧为基础构建综合艺术以推动中小学艺术教育高质量发展》主题报告。

多年从事中希文化交流。在希腊版《霸王别姬》中担任编剧、制作人和主演,该剧在雅典奥林匹亚剧场首演满座。参与希腊戏剧训练营Epidaurus Lyceum,并在古剧场演出古希腊戏剧《阿伽门农》《地母节妇女》。多次与希腊音乐家和乐队合作,在雅典举办《诗乐春秋》等多场中希音乐会,参与希腊电视台节目、广告、电视剧等拍摄。创立中希文化交流组织如见文化,共圆满完成希腊音乐之旅、“游走中国”艺术节、中宣部中国动漫希腊行、希腊教育戏剧夏令营等数十个文化交流项目,参与促成成都市与雅典市和帕特雷市结为友好城市,由雅典市政府授予“Chief Chinese Friend of Athens”荣誉称号。多次为成都市政府代表团访问希腊完成行程安排和人员联系,参与国际友城活动。在中国驻希腊大使馆举办的“中希建交50周年:友谊跨越山海”微视频大赛中获得优胜奖。

多篇戏剧教育论文发表在学术期刊。包括《The endeavors of drama in education in the primary school education in China》发表在希腊戏剧教育协会的学术期刊《Education and Theatre》2022年刊,《Το θεατρικό παιχνίδι στο μάθημα της ιστορίας: Η Μύρτις μάς ταξιδεύει από τον λοιμό των Αθηνών στην πανδημία του σήμερα》发表在希腊学术期刊《Διάλογοι! Θεωρία και πράξη στις επιστήμες αγωγής και εκπαίδευσης》,《基于“米尔蒂斯”古希腊考古项目构建教育戏剧课程的实践研究》获2022年度成都市中小学“中外人文交流特色项目”研究论文评选一等奖。

写作出版了希腊旅行书籍《随希腊众神去探险》《希腊旅本》。参与编写戏剧教育教材《教育戏剧理论与实践——小学教育师范生教材》《Arts Education Futures: Trends Across the Globe》等即将出版。