Miao Bin

Theatre Educator 戏剧教育者

IDEA Online 30 years Anniversary Program: THE (HI)STORY OF IDEA

Projects 项目

  • Environmental Theatre in Maan Hill on the Children's Day 六一儿童节马鞍山环境戏剧活动
  • "Jingwei Filling Up the Sea" by Zhiren Theatre Group 执仁实验剧团《精卫填海》完成创作
  • Map The History of Luhu 地图上的麓湖史
  • The drama in education in ancient Chinese poems teaching in primary schools小学古诗词的戏剧化课堂
  • The students of Tianfu No.7 High School Primary Section involved in World Theatre Day天府七中小学部学生参与世界戏剧日活动
  • The drama performance "The Space of Humans and Animals" in the integration classes 融合课上的戏剧表演《人类与动物的空间》
  • The paintings of the masks of Chinese opera by the primary school students 小学生绘制中国京剧脸谱
  • The lecture "What is theatre/drama" by Miao Bin for the high school students of Tianfu No.7 High School 天府七中高中生讲座《戏剧到底是什么》
  • "Bring Children into Theatres": "The New Xixiang" directed by Ding Yiteng “带孩子们去剧场”:丁一滕《新西厢》
  • The talk with Maria van Bakelen in the event of THE (HI)STORY OF IDEA for the 30 Years Anniversary 在国际戏剧教育协会(IDEA)30周年纪念活动THE (HI)STORY OF IDEA首场活动中,受邀与创会主席Maria van Bakelen共同作为嘉宾进行对谈
  • "Youxi" Children's Theatre in A4 Gallery in Chengdu “有戏”儿童戏剧专场演出圆满举办
  • Zhiren Youxi Theatre Festival 执仁有戏戏剧节圆满举办
  • The children celebrated IDEA Day 2022 学生们庆祝国际戏剧教育协会日
  • The Dialogue between Art and Education 艺术与教育的对话:与A4美术馆李杰副馆长对话
  • “Antigone" by Miao Bin and the children invited by Daliangshan International Theatre Festival 小学生先锋戏剧《安提戈涅》入围大凉山国际戏剧节
  • The presentation "Drama in Education in Primary Schools in China" in IDEA's Together We Go On Festival 在国际戏剧教育协会Together We Go On Festival作为演讲嘉宾发表主题演讲《教育戏剧在中国小学的发展》。
  • The drama workshop in Yizhou Community for the children 成都益州社区教育戏剧工作坊
  • The theatrical performance "Du Fu in Chengdu" was performed in Du Fu Museum 《天府诗圣》在杜甫草堂演出
  • Ring the bells for arts education: UNESCO International Arts Education Week 联合国教科文组织国际艺术教育周
  • Open class "Prometheus" for the Future School Principals Class 为未来校长班上公开课《普罗米修斯》