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Lecture "Drama in Education: From Nafplio to Chengdu"

Time: 16:00-18:00, 14th February 2024
Address: Theatre Nous, Trias 34, Athens 11251

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The lecture will be given by Miao Bin entitled “Drama in Education: From Nafplio to Chengdu”. Miao Bin graduated from the MA in Drama and Performing Arts in Education and Lifelong Learning from the Department of Theatre Studies, University of Peloponnese, and is now a PhD candidate in the same Department. After his graduation, he went back to Chengdu city, the hometown of panda in West China, and was invited to be a drama teacher in the primary school. 

He was the first one to make drama education as a compulsory discipline in primary school in Chengdu, and even further, he is now the head of Arts Education team of Tianfu No.7 High School and leading the teachers of music, fine arts, dance and drama to build integrated art curriculum. He is the founder of Drama Edcuation Research Center of Tianfu No.7 High School, and a member of International Drama/Theatre and Education Association and Hellenic Theatre Education Network. In the past three years, he implemented what he learnt in Nafplio to his teaching in Chinese schools, and has become a well-known drama teacher in China. He is now teaching at the same time in primary school, high school and universities. For more about him, please check: 

In this lecture, as a Chinese student studying theatre in Greece, he will share his experiences and practices both in Greece and China, and the connections between the two countries through drama education.




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