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My Past Three Years with Drama Education

Recently, I have received more and more discussions about drama education from many people. In these discussions, I have found that I have gradually come out of my own path of drama education over the years. My drama education started in Greece, the place where theatre originated, and after I returned to China and started teaching in schools, I gradually adapted it to the characteristics of Chinese children and the social environment. Theory comes from practice. In this process I have slowly developed my own drama education philosophy and methodology.

I would like to review some of the projects I have done in the past three years. Of course, the most important and fundamental one is teaching drama curriculum in the school, which is the foundation of all my drama education practice and is not reflected in the following. Most of the activities listed here are relatively unique and interesting.

As an old saying goes, everything that has gone before is a prelude. Looking back is for the sake of looking forward, and the road of drama education is still ahead of me.

2023.10. As the co-curator of the Luxe Town "Little Village Games Festival", brought the student's theatre group to perform "Mayfly" 麓镇“小镇游戏节”联合策展人,学生剧团《蜉蝣》演出 


2023.10. Drama workshop "The Wings of Icarus" 《伊卡洛斯之翼》戏剧工作坊

2023.9-2025.6 Course of Drama in Education for Class 1 and Class 3 of the college students of Year 2022 in Chengdu College of Arts and Science 为成都文理学院2022级小学教育系1班3班学生开设教育戏剧专业课

2023.8. As the co-curator of the 9th iSTART Children's Art Festival, instructing 43 children to participate with their own works 担任第九届iSTART儿童艺术节联合策展人,指导43个孩子创作作品参与艺术节

2023.8. The Zhiren Experimental Theatre Group, the Zhiren Arts Theatre Group and the children's theatre group from Luxelake Community performed the three plays in the 12th China Children's Theatre Festival Chengdu Branch, all of which directed by Miao Bin and Yuan Yuan. 带领执仁实验剧团、执仁艺术剧团和麓湖儿童剧团参加中国儿童艺术节成都分会场,演出三个剧目

2023.8. 14 students participated in Trinity College London's Acting Initial Exams, and received 10 "distinction" and 4 "merit" 指导14名学生参加伦敦圣三一学院Acting初级测评,拿到10个优和4个良

2023.8. Drama education workshop for 18 teachers from countryside all over China 在T+乡村教师美育素养发展支持计划为乡村教师们提供戏剧教育工作坊

2023.8. Drama workshop for the children from Luxelake Community with the theme of puppet theatre about the abandoned bottles in daily life 为麓湖社区的孩子们提供关于废弃瓶子的木偶剧工作坊

2023.7.-8. Directed the children's theatrical performance "Triassic's Starlights" in STAR THEATRES in Chengdu 担任成都繁星戏剧村驻村导演,导演儿童剧《三叠纪的星光》

2023.7. Teaching Qingcheng Taichi to the athletes from other countries who were participating the World University Games in Chengdu 为参加大运会的外国运动员教青城太极

2023.7. Drama workshop for the visually impaired children 为视障儿童举办戏剧工作坊

2023.7.  As the artist-in-residence, curated the "Metaverse" Art Exhibition in Guanghui Arts Museum 作为驻留艺术家,在广汇美术馆策展“元宇宙”执仁师生美术展

2023.6. Performed in the Dragon Boat Festival Concert in Guanghui Arts Museum 在广汇美术馆举办端午音乐会

2023.6. Presentation in the PhD Forum of Chengdu Education Quality Development in Chengdu Education Science Research Institute 在成都教育科学研究院成都教育高质量发展博士论道发表演讲

2023.6. Drama Workshop in the kindergarten in Chengdu 在比心幼儿园上戏剧体验课

2023.6. Organize the drama classes for parents 组织家长戏剧学堂

2021.9.-2023.5. The Project "Bringing Children to Theaters" 发起“带孩子去剧场”项目

2023.5. Participated in 2023 International Drama/Theatre Education Application & Cooperation Congress in Zhuhai, and gave the public observation drama class "Cinderella" in the conference for all the participants and  the teacher-training workshops for about 60 teachers from all over China 参加2023年IDEAC戏剧教育大会,为参会嘉宾们提供英文戏剧观摩课《灰姑娘》,并为来自全国各地约60名老师上戏剧师资工作坊

2023.5. Established Drama Education Research Center of Tianfu No.7 High School 成立天府七中戏剧教育研究中心

2023.5. Published my new book "Greek Travel Book" 出版新书《希腊旅本》

2023.4. Participated in 2023 China-Europe Humanities and Arts Education Forum and gave a presentation about the integrated arts curriculum in Tianfu No.7 High School 参加2023中欧人文艺术教育论坛,在论坛上介绍天府七中综合艺术课程

2023.4. The student theatre group performed "Jingwei Filling Up the Sea" in the World Reading Day 学生剧团在世界读书日演出《精卫填海》

2023.3. The students from Tianfu No.7 High School primary section celebrated the World Theatre Day 2023 with the video "Primary School Children's thoughts about drama" 天府七中小学部学生通过视频《小学生对戏剧的想法》庆祝2023世界戏剧日

2023.3. Presentation in the International Conference on Performing Arts titled "Integrated Arts Curriculum in Chinese Schools", organized by Makerere University in Uganda 在乌干达Makerere大学举办的国际表演艺术会议上发表《中国学校综合艺术课程》主题演讲

2023.3. Open drama class for the principals of the schools from Chongqing city 为重庆骨干校长班上戏剧公开课

2023.2. Tianfu No.7 High School and TRINITY COLLEGE LONDON established cooperation relationships as the Registered Center 天府七中和伦敦圣三一学院建立合作关系,成为注册考试中心

2023.2. Organize the 2nd Zhiren Theatre Festival including theatrical performances, dramatic parade, theatre carnival, exhibition of fine arts, and the performance in Guanghui Arts Museum 策划组织第二届执仁有戏戏剧节,包括有戏剧精彩、戏剧大游行、戏剧嘉年华、美术创意展和社会公演

2023.2. Lecture about drama education for the arts teachers of Huayang High School 为华阳中学艺术老师们举办戏剧教育讲座

2022.12. Theatrical performances in Little Lu Theatre Festival in Luxelake Community 在麓湖社区小麓戏剧节戏剧演出

2022.12. Scientific Research Project "Application and Research of Theatre Education in the Teaching Practice of Traditional Culture" Established 科研课题《戏剧教育在传统文化教学实践中的应用与研究》立项

2022.12. The thesis "The endeavors of drama in education in the primary school education in China" published in the journal "Education and Theatre" of Hellenic Theatre / Drama & Education Network 论文《在中国小学教育中引入教育戏剧的实践研究》发表在希腊戏剧教育协会学术期刊《教育和戏剧》

2022.9. Received a prize from Chinese Embassy in Greece for the video "My Story with Greece" 视频《我和希腊的故事》获得中国驻希腊大使馆“中希建交50周年:友谊跨越山海”微视频大赛优胜奖

2022.8. Drama workshop for the children from Luxelake Community titled "The elders and the lake" 为麓湖社区的孩子们举办《老人与湖》戏剧工作坊

2022.8. Participated in the 8th iSTART Children's Arts Festival with the work "Games School" created by 19 children 指导19名孩子创作的《游戏书院》参加第8届iSTART儿童艺术节

2022.6. "Jingwei Filling Up the Sea" by Zhiren Theatre Group advanced to the finals by finishing first in their group 执仁实验剧团《精卫填海》以小组第一名晋级教育部中外人文交流中心举办的“中外人文交流小使者”全国总展示

2022.6. Environmental Theatre in Maan Hill on the Children's Day 六一儿童节马鞍山环境戏剧活动

2022.4. The drama performance "The Space of Humans and Animals" in the integration classes 融合课上的戏剧表演《人类与动物的空间》

2022.3. The lecture "What is theatre/drama" by Miao Bin for the high school students of Tianfu No.7 High School 天府七中高中生讲座《戏剧到底是什么》

2022.2. "Bring Children into Theatres": "The New Xixiang" directed by Ding Yiteng “带孩子们去剧场”:丁一滕《新西厢》

2022.1. The talk with Maria van Bakelen in the event of THE (HI)STORY OF IDEA for the 30 Years Anniversary 在国际戏剧教育协会(IDEA)30周年纪念活动THE (HI)STORY OF IDEA首场活动中,受邀与创会主席Maria van Bakelen共同作为嘉宾进行对谈

2021.12. "Youxi" Children's Theatre in A4 Gallery in Chengdu “有戏”儿童戏剧专场演出圆满举办

2021.12. Zhiren Youxi Theatre Festival 执仁有戏戏剧节圆满举办

2021.11. The children celebrated IDEA Day 学生们庆祝国际戏剧教育协会日

2021.11. The Dialogue between Art and Education 艺术与教育的对话:与A4美术馆李杰副馆长对话

2021.10. “Antigone" by Miao Bin and the children invited by Daliangshan International Theatre Festival 小学生先锋戏剧《安提戈涅》入围大凉山国际戏剧节

2021.8. The presentation "Drama in Education in Primary Schools in China" in IDEA's Together We Go On Festival 在国际戏剧教育协会Together We Go On Festival作为演讲嘉宾发表主题演讲《教育戏剧在中国小学的发展》

2021.9. Design and make drama the compulsory course in Tianfu No.7 High School Primary Section, and leading the other art disciplines to build integrated arts curriculum 在天府七中小学部设计和开设戏剧必修课,并以戏剧引领其他艺术学科建设综合艺术课程

2021.6. The drama workshop in Yizhou Community for the children 成都益州社区教育戏剧工作坊

2021.6. The theatrical performance "Du Fu in Chengdu" was performed in Du Fu Museum 《天府诗圣》在杜甫草堂演出

2021.3.Open class "Prometheus" for the Future School Principals Class 为未来校长班上公开课《普罗米修斯》




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